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TRUTH TROUBADOUR BLOGSPOT Sept 27, 2012: “On Taking an Oath to Become a 2012 Electoral College Presidential Elector for Rocky Anderson: It’s Time to Vote for Justice!“ – “Berkeley Broadside Balladeer” Vic Sadot was sworn in as a Presidential Elector for Justice Party Presidential candidate Rocky Anderson on September 25, 2012. Questions the Clerk about the Meaning of the Oath to Defend the Constitution – Posts Song for Rocky as Free MP3 on Sound Cloud: IT’S TIME TO VOTE FOR JUSTICE!

Rocky Anderson 2012 Presidential candidate for Justice Party USA

Last summer songwriter Vic Sadot met Rocky Anderson, 2012 US Presidential candidate for the Justice Party USA, at a small dinner gathering at the home of Cynthia Papermaster of Code Pink Golden Gate Chapter in Berkeley, CA. Rocky is the former mayor of Salt Lake City with extensive management experience, a great record on human rights, and a reputation for getting people to work together. During a road trip to Santa Cruz, Vic wrote a song and sang the first version of it in Santa Cruz at a restaurant gathering for Rocky after he had spoken at Occupy Santa Cruz earlier in the day. The Truth Troubadour Blog is about the day that Vic Sadot was asked to be a Presidential Elector for Rocky Anderson and had to sign a document and make a solemn oath to “defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic”.

Vic made numerous revisions to the song and he recorded It’s Time to Vote for Justice in Robot Envy Studio in Berkeley. Then the song was posted as a Free MP3 at SoundCloud on 9-27-12 after Vic received this email from Rocky: “Great to hear from you, Vic! And thanks for the great song for our campaign. I so admire what you do — and why you do it! Keep up the great work!” Best, Rocky


The official site of Rocky Anderson for President:

9/11 Truth and Justice Songs

9/11 Truth and Justice Songs.

This link has all the lyrics and descriptions for all 16 songs on the 9/11/11 Tenth Anniversary CD!

Ride the Wind

Ride the Wind


Wish I could hop that old freight train and leave these blues behind

The ways to get away from here been weighin’ on my mind

I know no train can take me where I really want to go

But come the dawn I will be gone… I’ll ride the wind, you know…

I’ll just get up and go!



Ride the wind! Stand the storm! There ain’t no place to hide!

Ride the wind! Stand the storm! We cannot be denied!


Farewell, my friends, I’ll miss you all… I’ll miss you one and all

One of these years I shall return… most likely in the fall

So keep the faith that we have known in Love and Liberty

And when we once embrace again we shall be strong and free…

In Truth we shall be free!


Chorus Instrumental Chorus


Cold winds blow across the land… Dark clouds gather gloom

Children wake up crying… Parents rush into the room

It’s just another nightmare of impending days of doom

But we’re gonna tear “your terror” down and make the deserts bloom!

Yeah, that’s what we assume!




It’s just like us to rise again when we have sunk so low

Those who have no sense of shame will never learn to grow

We cannot live locked in the past… The winter can’t stop spring!

So let us join our hearts in hope… Let’s hear those voices ring!

Yeah, let’s hear those voices sing!


Chorus Instrumental Chorus


Copyright 1988 Victor René Sadot/BMI/Orbian Love Music

Title cut for the 12 song LP released in 1988. This song was re-released

on a “Best of 25 Years of Vic Sadot Recordings” CD titled “Broadsides & Retrospectives”, which is available on CD Baby:

Released on “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs – 10th Anniversary Edition” CD on 9/11/11. Now available on CD Baby!

Simple Song of Freedom

Simple Song of Freedom

Licensed for use by Vic Sadot on “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs” released on 9/11/11. This is a lyrical update Bobby Darin’s 1969 anthem to struggle!


Come and sing a simple song of Freedom!

Sing it like you’ve never sung before!

Let it fill the air! Tell the people everywhere!

We the People! We don’t want your war!

(chorus #1)


Hey there Mister Rich Man! Can you hear me?

I don’t want your mansion or your shame!

I just want to house and feed my family!

Don’t want your wars of terror in my name!

(chorus 2)


How many have you armed and enlisted?

We’ve seen the way you demonize with lies!

You’re the masters of the media we’ve resisted!

Full of lies to divide and destabilize!

(chorus 3)


Instrumental #1


Come on people! Don’t buy propaganda!

Don’t buy the corporate media’s dirty lies!

It’s a bloody game by those who have no shame!

To feed their greed and power, Freedom dies!

(chorus 4)


Only by making Justice can Peace be won!

And sharing all the “Commonwealth” is wise!

It’s everybody’s earth! And it’s everybody’s sun!

To wake to in the morning when we rise!

(chorus 5)

Instrumental #2


No doubt ruling class groups want war profits…

Like Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Kings…

And Corporate CEO’s want us to fight their foes…

While puppets on their strings do violent things!


(Last chorus #6: Do it slow with stops. And change to

“We the People! We won’t fight your wars!)


Parody update version Copyright Vic Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music

Oh What A Day

Oh What a Day!

After 8 years of Bush and Cheney the country was weary and worn!

Yeah! “W” was Dick’s little trainee! And the Constitution was torn!

When these Empire thugs used torture, they put our country to scorn!

And as they looted the treasury, a mighty new movement was born!


Oh what a day! What a wonderful, jubilant day!

Oh what a day! When Bush and Cheney went away!

Oh what a day! What a wonderful, jubilant day!

Oh what a day! When peace through justice is the way!

Yes, they left the country in ruin! They lied and made profits from war!

They lied about all they were doin’! From 9/11 to Iraq and more!

Now the country’s got Obama and Biden, and there’s so much hope in the air!

But trust in them will run out when they have no justice to share! (chorus)

It’s not about the color of your skin! Not looks! Not personality!

It’s all about who you are servin’! And the truth about your policy!

It’s really all about exposin’ the lies that mislead us before!

And stopping the wars they’re imposin’, and serving justice once more!

(chorus change to … when Obama and Biden go away! )

Now we’ve got a new face for the Empire! The “good cop” ‘s replacing the “bad”!

And once again there’s blood on the wire! It’s all so mad and so sad!

They still use lies of 9/11 to cover up all that is wrong!

And they’re still looting the treasury! But the movement for justice is strong!

(chorus slow)

Copyright 2009 Victor René Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music

Are You A Citizen

Are You A Citizen? (Or Are You A Slave?)


Are you a citizen or are you a slave?

In the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”!

Why do you tell me then, “Nothin’ can be done”?

If we can’t change a thing, then they’ve already won!


We’d still be a colony if the founders thought that way!

We’d have royalty, slavery, and debtor prisons today

And women would never have won voting rights

It would be the dark ages without doing what’s right



Say “No to destruction of your planet earth!”

Say “No to repressive laws! You know what they’re worth!”

Say “Yes to the freedoms you were meant to employ!”

Say “Yes to the struggles that bring justice and joy!”


Yes, the media made you believe as you do

They lied to deceive you and to brainwash you too

But “a working class hero is something to be!”

Remember that struggle is what made you free!


Now the Power elite…The own all the news

They filly your head up with their fear-laden views

After years of consolidating property rights

Now only a few own the media might (chorus)


They’ve dumbed down the TV, and they’ve dumbed down the schools

They’ve dumbed down discussion as if we’re all fools

It’s not a democracy if we don’t make it work!

And it’s not a republic when it’s all going berserk!


If we let the corporates just take more and more!

They’ll take all we have; leave us desperately poor!

‘Cause most made their millions through graft and through greed

They don’t care about you or what your loved ones need (chorus)


They play in their mansions on sea-sides and hills

While we work for wages to pay them our bills

Now open your eyes! It’s no big mystery!

Rise up, join together, and make history!


Are you a citizen? Or are you a slave?

In the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”!

If you look at past struggles, you’ll know it can be done

You’ll use your Bill of Rights ‘til your struggles are won (chorus)

Copyright 2005 Victor Rene Sadot, Cindy Abromowicz Hubschmitt, BMI, Orbian Love Music.

Released in 2005 on the 19 song “Best of 25 Years of Vic Sadot Recordings” CD titled Broadsides & Retrospectives, which is available on CD Baby:

Released on Sept 11, 2011 on the 16 song  “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs – 10th Anniversary Edition”. Now available on CD Baby:

YouTube VideoAre You A Citizen (Or Are You A Slave?) – Vic Sadot