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Québec – California Solidarity Shines in Richmond

Québec – California Solidarity Shines in Richmond.

Québec – California Solidarity Shines in Richmond – BEREKELY CALLING BLOG by Broadside Balladeer Vic Sadot: Stopping Fossil Fuel Disaster! – Starting Fossil Free Solutions! From Lac-Mégantic, Québec to Richmond, California! SATURDAY, March 1, 12 noon at Bobby Bowens Progressive Center, 1021 Macdonald Ave, Richmond CA. Marilaine Savard of “Citizens of Lac-Mégantic” in Québec had a week long speaking and solidarity tour in the San Francisco Bay Area. Report from the Richmond gathering where panel and speakers included Mayor Gail McGlaughlin, Andres Soto, Pennie Opal Plant, Antonia Juhasz, George Monterey, David Solnit, and others.

SF Federal Reserve 12/23/13 – ILLUMINATE THE FED – Vic Sadot performing “Masters of War”…

SF Federal Reserve 12/23/13 – ILLUMINATE THE FED on the 100th Anniversary of the Usurpation and Privatization of US Monetary Authority – Vic Sadot performing Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War” with a special “Illuminate the Fed” ending by Vic. Lyrics posted here too!

Daniel Ellsberg Speaks at 2013 Berkeley Justice Awards

Daniel Ellsberg Speaks at 2013 Berkeley Justice Awards.

Star Trek and the War on Terror

Star Trek and the War on TerrorJennifer Epps review of “Star Trek Into the Darkness” in “The Political Film Blog” – After the “Zero Dark Thirty” pro-torture “thriller” hunt-for-a-long-dead-bin-Laden psy war myth movie made with CIA as partner, we need some creativity from Hollywood that deals with the ethical questions of the War on Terror. As Epps points out, who better to do that than Gene Roddenberry’s “Star Trek”? A great read! Let’s put the logic and the love together! Let’s get back to listening to those who blow the whistle on war crimes and other violations of all standards of truth and justice.

East Bay Mobilizes Against Plutonium Nuke Transports

East Bay Mobilizes Against Plutonium Nuke Transports

Alert from Tri-Valley Cares, a BFUU Social Justice Committee partner, has called attention to the plan to ship plutonium bomb cores back and forth from New Mexico to California on public highways. The SJC endorsed the Tri Valley Cares petition at the Sunday, Feb 3 meeting. “To Prevent the Transport of Plutonium Bomb Cores Back and Forth Between Los Alamos, New Mexico and Livermore, California”. Copies of the petition are available at www dot TriValleyCares dot org If you use Facebook, look them up at Tri-Valley CAREs They got very fair coverage in this local NBC report: Plutonium Plan Mobilizes East Bay Community – East Bay activists say Dept of Energy plan is potentially illegal. 

No Nuke Blues was first written by Vic Sadot in 1979 about the Three Mile Island accident on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. The Crazy Planet Band played at a number of anti-nuclear events and released the song on an LP titled “Ride the Wind” in 1988. That version included a new verse about the nuclear accident in 1986 at Chernobyl in the Soviet Union, now Russia. This acoustic 2012 version has a new verse about the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan in 2011. This version has Vic Sadot on vocals, acoustic guitar, and piano accordion. Eric Golub plays violin. This recording was done in Robot Envy Studio in Berkeley, CA with owner Sammy Fielding as sound engineer.