NATO, US AFRICOM, "ICC" Kangaroo Court, Plot Regime Change by Bombing Libya & Inserting Neo-Colonial Armies onto the African Continent

Broadside Ballader Blogspot – July 1 2011 Post

Broadside Balladeer Facebook Post – “New World Order”: NATO, US AFRICOM, “ICC” Kangaroo Court, Plot Regime Change by Bombing Libya & Inserting Neo-Colonial Armies onto the African Continent! “African Union” gets Exclusion & Humilation in Spite of Rare Show of Unity, much as in Ivory Coast UN Intervention! Long Live African Independence!”

Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), brazenly and openly revealed the Neo-Colonial purpose behind “charges” against Revolutionary Libya’s Gaddafi. This is indeed a “criminal court”. Solidarity with the Libyan Revolution that kicked out foreign military bases and used the oil revenues for the people’s education, housing, health care, and infrastructure!

Highlights of James Cogen report on ICC:

“The ICC stands exposed as an instrument of war and great power neo-colonialism. The US government, along with a host of the regimes it sponsors, such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen and Iraq, are guilty of the very crimes that the court alleges Gaddafi has committed―the killing of civilians to suppress political opposition. Ocampo, as WikiLeaks revealed, blocked any investigations by the ICC into the numerous war crimes committed by the United States in Iraq.”

“The NATO member-states are growing increasingly frustrated by the lack of any prospect that the disorganised and undisciplined forces of the Transitional National Council will gain a decisive ground victory. Thus NATO is ever more openly pursuing the criminal policy of assassination, seeking to kill Gaddafi in the hope his successors will capitulate and surrender.

“On April 30, NATO aircraft killed Gaddafi’s youngest son and three of his grandchildren in a murderous attack on one of his family’s private residences. On June 20, at least 19 civilians, including nine children, were slaughtered by missile onslaught on a residential compound owned by a close associate of Gaddafi. The attack was almost certainly motivated by NATO’s belief that the Libyan leader was taking refuge in the building.”

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