9/11 Truth and Justice Songs

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Ballad of William Rodriguez
Cheney’s In The Bunker
Blowback or Bloody Treason
Trouble in the Rubble
Ballad of Mohammed Atta
Mad Cowboy Disease
Ballad of Pat Tillman
Tell John Yoo that Torture is a Crime!
Love Me, I’m A Liberal
Broadside Balladeer
Nightmare of New Orleans
London Calling 70705
Are You A Citizen
Oh, What A Day
Simple Song of Freedom
Ride the Wind

Song Descriptions

1 Ballad of William Rodriguez (5:18) – Based on a 2005 interview Vic did with WTC janitor Willie Rodriguez about his experience on the day of 9/11/01, for which he became a natianally acclaimed rescue hero. His testimoney to the 9/11 Commission that he heard explosions below sub level one before the towers were hit by a jet above was excluded.

2 Cheney’s in the Bunker (4:49) – A song inspired by Secretary of Transportation, Norman Mineta’s testimony, which was

omitted from the final 9/11 Commission report. A young man was repeatedly asking Vice President Cheney, “Do the orders still stand?” Mineta said that he arrived in the Presidential Bunker at 9:20 am where he found Cheney in charge and had already issued some orders. The 9/11 Commission report claims that Cheney did not arrive until 9:58 am.

3 Blowback or Bloody Treason (6:19) – Inspired by former LA detective Michael Ruppert’s 2004 book, “Crossing the Rubicon”, which asked the standard crime scene questions: Who had the means, motive, and opportunity? And who stood to benefit from the crime? “Blowback” is a term used to describe retaliation for US policies.

4 Trouble in the Rubble (5:30) – Written after reading an Associated Press article by Amy Westfeldt in the Oct 20, 2006 Washington Post about a “scientific study” claiming that 9/11 rescue dogs were not suffering as badly as the human first- responders were in the aftermath of their work in the toxic air and rubble of the World Trade Center. The reporter states that some dogs had their feet burned by a “white hot debris”, but she fails to question what the molten debris actaully was.

5 Ballad of Mohammed Atta (6:01) This song came from reading the interviews from Oct 15 & 21, 2001 by Liz Jackson with Ralph Bodenstein and Volker Hauth, two German university friends of Atta who did a study project with him in Cairo, Egypt. The interviews were on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and were posted on the internet. They contrasted sharply with the reports of Daniel Hopsicker in “Welcome To Terrorland”, meaning Florida, where someone named Mohammed Atta partied openly prior to 9/11, and received training at Pensacola US Naval Station and Huffman Aviation.

6 Mad Cowboy Disease (4:27) – A humorous take on the wars, irrationality, brutality, and hubris resulting from the exploitation of 9/11 and other lies. At the inaugeration ball, “There must have been some mad cow on the menu after all!”

7 Ballad of Pat Tillman (5:16) – Shortly after 9/11 the famous Arizona football hero from San Jose, California, enlisted with his brother Kevin in the US Army Rangers. He served in Iraq & Afghanistan before being killed.The Pentagon made up a phony story about Tillman’s death to continue to use him as recruitment poster boy. The circumstances of his death became extremely controversial as the Tillman family pressed on for the truth. The story changed from a combat “glory story” to a death by “friendly fire” story. Even later, the Army coroner’s report was released to the Associated Press. That report said that Pat Tillman died by “3 bullets to the forehead at 10 yards range”. The last story was either greeted with ridicule or completely ignored by the corporate press.

8 Tell John Yoo That Torture Is A Crime! (5:03) – A “folk process” update of the old Civil Rights song, “We Shall Not Be Moved”, with Code Pink Golden Gate chorus singing along for torture accountability! Yoo wrote legal briefs to justify torture while on leave from UC Berkeley and in the service of the Bush-Cheney regime’s Department of “Justice”.

9 Love Me I’m A Liberal (4:16) – A Vic Sadot update of Phil Ochs’ 1966 classic on liberal posturing includes 9/11 themes.

10 Broadside Balladeer (3:55) – A Tribute to the late-great Phl Ochs, who Vic met and interviewed in May of 1973 in Washington, DC after Phil’s return from travels in South America where he met Victor Jara. The song was written in 1977, one year after Phil Ochs’ death. Ochs had over 70 songs published in Broadside magaaine. Many references to his song titles are weaved into the story. Vic later broke the story of “PHIL OCHS FBI FILE” in Broadside magazine in 1982.

11 Nightmare of New Orleans (3:04) – On August 26, 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The “Nightmare of New Orleans” was written by Vic Sadot as a Cajun blues song. Sadot says that the song is about the criminally negligent response to Hurricane Katrina before, during, and after that catastrophe. There were grave warnings of possible disaster for New Orleans in the Times Picayune and National Geographic in the year before the tragic and deadly event. For many Americans, the militarization of the rescue mission was one of the most disconcerting aspects of the Bush-Cheney regime’s response to the flooding. FEMA even hired mercenaries from Blackwater to “restore order”.

12 London Calling 70705 (4:06) – On the London terror events of July 7, 2005 based on films “Ludicrous Diversion”, “Mind the Gap”, and “7/07 Ripple Effect”. One of the oddest reported matters came from interviews given by Peter Powers of Visor Consultants, a former British Intelligence officer, in which he claimed to have been conducting “drills” for “corporate sponsors” at the very same four locations where the attacks occurred. What are the mathematical odds of that?

13 Are You A Citizen (5:00) – A strident Cajun waltz style salute to struggle co-written with Cindy Hubschmitt. Vic sings and plays acoutstic guitar and Cajun 10 button accordion on this song. The song sweeps through past historical struggles as precidents that show that popular social justice movements can win significant changes and recognition of rights. Rob Sadot plays a masterful guitar!

14 Oh What A Day (4:26) – Written on the day of the Inaugeration of the first Black President of the United States and to celebrate the departure of the Bush-Cheney regime. We were hoping for a “CHANGE” like the Roosevelt’s socialist programs known as the “New Deal”. Instead we are getting the policies of the old war profiteering and torture regime instead and more dismantling of the old “New Deal”. We need leaders who serve JUSTICE, not those who serve the money masters, media manipulators, and corporate empire representatives who bomb and plunder in our name.

15. Simple Song of Freedom (5:58) – A Vic Sadot update of Bobby Darin’s wonderful 1969 anthem to struggle.

16 Ride the Wind (5:33) – This song was originally released as the title cut on a 1988 Crazy Planet Band LP. It was written about children having nightmares about a nuclear holocaust. Time has made this song seem to be more about the “War on Terror”. Either way, there is nowhere to hide. We shall overcome together or not at all!

Copyright 2011 Victor René Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music




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