Are You A Citizen

Are You A Citizen? (Or Are You A Slave?)


Are you a citizen or are you a slave?

In the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”!

Why do you tell me then, “Nothin’ can be done”?

If we can’t change a thing, then they’ve already won!


We’d still be a colony if the founders thought that way!

We’d have royalty, slavery, and debtor prisons today

And women would never have won voting rights

It would be the dark ages without doing what’s right



Say “No to destruction of your planet earth!”

Say “No to repressive laws! You know what they’re worth!”

Say “Yes to the freedoms you were meant to employ!”

Say “Yes to the struggles that bring justice and joy!”


Yes, the media made you believe as you do

They lied to deceive you and to brainwash you too

But “a working class hero is something to be!”

Remember that struggle is what made you free!


Now the Power elite…The own all the news

They filly your head up with their fear-laden views

After years of consolidating property rights

Now only a few own the media might (chorus)


They’ve dumbed down the TV, and they’ve dumbed down the schools

They’ve dumbed down discussion as if we’re all fools

It’s not a democracy if we don’t make it work!

And it’s not a republic when it’s all going berserk!


If we let the corporates just take more and more!

They’ll take all we have; leave us desperately poor!

‘Cause most made their millions through graft and through greed

They don’t care about you or what your loved ones need (chorus)


They play in their mansions on sea-sides and hills

While we work for wages to pay them our bills

Now open your eyes! It’s no big mystery!

Rise up, join together, and make history!


Are you a citizen? Or are you a slave?

In the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”!

If you look at past struggles, you’ll know it can be done

You’ll use your Bill of Rights ‘til your struggles are won (chorus)

Copyright 2005 Victor Rene Sadot, Cindy Abromowicz Hubschmitt, BMI, Orbian Love Music.

Released in 2005 on the 19 song “Best of 25 Years of Vic Sadot Recordings” CD titled Broadsides & Retrospectives, which is available on CD Baby:

Released on Sept 11, 2011 on the 16 song  “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs – 10th Anniversary Edition”. Now available on CD Baby:

YouTube VideoAre You A Citizen (Or Are You A Slave?) – Vic Sadot


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