Blowback or Bloody Treason

Blowback or Bloody Treason


Well, the day was nine-eleven in the year two thousand-one

That’s the day the “war on terror” was officially begun

When 2 planes took down 3 buildings in a scene of “Shock & Awe”

Before they hauled away the rubble, it was a crime scene for the law!



Who had the means? Who had the motive?

Who could do this crime and live?

Who had the opportunity?

Who benefits to what degree?

We need a great detective’s logic!

Forensic facts and laws of physics!

Not “leaps of faith”… Just “steps to reason”!

Was it blowback or bloody treason?

Was it blowback or bloody treason?


The Towers fell into their footprints… Didn’t fall sideways at all…

It only took about 10 seconds… What explains that fast free-fall?

Only explosive demolitions causing vacuums in the core!

Turning most things into powder… molten steel for weeks or more!


The Pentagon was hit by something. Surveillance photos weren’t released…

Our military, they did nothing! Did not defend the now deceased!

Rice and Myers got promoted for failing at this crisis time

To pre-planned wars they were devoted and the pretext was this crime!



Across the fields of Pennsylvania “crashed” Flight UA 93

Ask your media to “explain ya” the 8 mile scattering of debris

Show us proof and show us photos! We might buy your alibis…

Or did your “war games” led by Cheney all go “live” behind your lies?


There were warnings, whistle-blowers… And they tried to make it stop!

Intel agents, FBI guys…. Blocked by “moles” up at the top

Was Building 7 the command post for a New York “false flag” op?

No plane hit it, but it imploded… Give that crime scene to a cop!



Fast-track visas, Arab “assets”… Soon they’re “patsies” in the plot

“Able Danger” named some culprits…Told: “Back off from what you got!

Don’t you spoil our wars for oil… domination through “puppets”…

You’ve got family. Keep your mouth shut! Don’t mess with our “state secrets”!


Was it “blowback” at the Empire? Was it “treason” from inside?

What else perished in those fires? Was it “our right to decide”?

Is that key probe still ongoing into Army anthrax spores?

Surely Congress should be knowing as a target of these wars!


Copyright August 1, 2006 Victor Rene Sadot/BMI/Orbian Love Music


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