London Calling 70705

London Calling 70705



London calling! London calling! It’s a “Terror Alert”!

Many people are dying! Many people are hurt!

Someone blew up some train cars! They blew up a bus!

Still most of this story’s too secret to discuss…


“Well, the job will be easy, and the pay will be great!

You’ll be helping your country fight the terrorist hate…

You’ll just come to the city, and ride where we say

You’ll be paid when you start and at the end of the day…

You’ll just come from the suburbs like you normally would

You won’t tell nobody from your neighborhood…

Dress like you’re going shopping, sight-seeing around

With a pack on your back to the old ‘Underground’”… (*British subway)

Chorus – Instrumental


“You must keep it all secret, and do your part right!

It’s only a drill… So be cool and polite…

Half your pay’s at the start. You’ll get the rest when you’re done

Tax free cash in two envelopes… It’ll be easy and fun!

Plenty money for travel, for school and things new!

Help your family and friends… That part’s all up to you…

You’ll be helping your country, if you do your job right

You’ll be richly rewarded by the end of the night…”

Chorus Instrumental


Were the bombs on the bottom or in the back-packs?

Who were these young Muslims? Did they do the attacks?

Was it like 9/11? Were there drills that went “live”?

We’d like to ask these boys questions… But they did not survive…

There are agents and “assets” in the spy world, it’s true

To gather “intelligence” and to do what they do…

There are “false flag” and “psy war” operations, it’s said

And the only good “patsies” are the ones who are dead!


Chorus 2X

Change the last line in the last chorus to:

Since it’s “national security”, leave all the questions to us…


Copyright August 7, 2006 Victor Rene Sadot/BMI/Orbian Love Music


Informed and inspired by the following films: Ludicrous Diversion, Mind the Gap, and Ripple Effect 7/07.


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