Mad Cowboy Disease

Mad Cowboy Disease


You know its kind o’ Sci-Fi what’s happenin’ today

A Zombie epidemic has hit the USA

You get it through your TV… Listen well, I’ll tell you how

It attacks you in the brain like contaminated cow!

It’s just like in the movie, “Night of the Living Dead”

One day when you wake up… You’re cracked up in the head!

It happens when you fall asleep in front of your TV’s

And when you start believin’ bull, you’ve got Mad Cowboy Disease!



Mad Cowboy Disease! Mad Cowboy Disease!

You won’t find them funny when they go on killin’ sprees

Mad Cowboy Disease! Mad Cowboy Disease!

Please put ‘em all in padded cells, and throw away the keys!


The symptoms of “Mad Cowboy” can lead to travesties

Like lying just to justify bombing who you please

“Mad Cowboy” can be fatal… It can make you paranoid

It can make you maladjusted, a person to avoid!

You rave against the “terrorists”… Then you murder like they do!

You even claim the peace-niks are terrorizing you!

Your old friends and allies, you see as enemies

It’s mighty freakin’ dangerous, Mad Cowboy Disease!

(chorus) Instrumental


We don’t know how they caught it, but we have some theories…

On how they got infected with Mad Cowboy Disease

It happened very early on… when they first occupied…

Positions in the government… and from the first they lied!

It must have been the dinner of the Inauguration Ball

They must have had some “mad cow” on the menu after all…

It might have been the burgers or the fine filet mignon…

But there ain’t no doubt about it, you can see their minds are gone!



Come gather round, good people, we need to find the cure

It’s such a nasty problem… It’s one we can’t ignore

The crew that runs the White House… They’ve got this dread disease!

You can see it in the madness of their greedy policies!

“Mad Cowboy” is contagious, but there are immunities…

One of them’s as simple as turning off TV’s…

And talkin’ with your neighbors in your communities…

There’s really only one cure for Mad Cowboy Disease!

(chorus) Instrumental


There are no easy answers, no simple remedies…

To something as deranging as Mad Cowboy Disease

You’ll notice that they’re vicious… outing names like like rabid dogs!

Turnin’ on their own when they speak truth to power hogs…

Mad Cowboys lust for violence and killing like a fiend

They’re very “anti-social”… They should be quarantined!

But we should be “compassionate”… give them some place to go…

Perhaps a ranch in Texas if its walled around you know!


Last line in last chorus: And put “An End To Evil” Mad Cowboy Disease!


Copyright Jan. 10, 2004 Vic Sadot/BMI/Orbian Love Songs

Song #1 on the 19 song 2005 compilation Broadsides & Retrospectives CD &

Song #6 on the 16 song 2011 9/11 Truth & Justice – 10th Anniversary Edition CD.


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