May 11th: No Nukes Rally at Consulate General of Japan

I will be singing No Nuke Blues at the rally in San Francisco sometime after 3 pm. Here’s the new Fukushima verse:

They say earthquakes and tidal waves messed up the best of plans!
There are deadly radiation leaks from Fukushima in Japan!
Contamination’s spreading through the land, the air, and sea!
It’s time to put an end to this insane nuke industry!

This version has Vic Sadot on vocals, acoustic guitar, and piano accordion. Eric Golub plays violin. This recording was done in Robot Envy Studio in Berkeley, CA with owner Sammy Fielding as sound engineer.

No Nukes Action Committee




May 11 Saturday 2013 3:00 to 4:30 pm

@ San Francisco Japanese consulate

50 Fremont Street (from Embarcadero BART Station 3 minutes walk)

Japanese LPD Abe administration is progressing policies to promote nuclear power.

 Trial of Ooi Nuclear Power Plant driving suspension had been rejected. Construction of Oma nuclear power plant it been suspended was started even though Fukushima nuclear power plant is not converged. Power outages of fuel rods cooling water system was fear the people, leakage accident from the reservoir pool of radioactive contaminated water was happened one after another. What the Japanese Nuclear Regulatory Commission is doing? Is it there only for decoration?

Evacuation of our children in Fukushima is urgently needed. It should be done right now. The government, we must take the initiative to protect the children, not let them exposed any more. We must protect the children. Let’s…

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