Vic Sadot “Truth Troubadour” CD Party Posts Two Live Videos of the Event!

Here are the two YouTube videos for the two sets from the “Truth Troubadour” CD release party concert by Vic Sadot on 6-10-17 at Redwood Gardens in Berkeley, CA. Enjoy! Share too please!  Truth Troubadour An 18 Song CD by Vic Sadot at CD Baby! This is Vic’s 4th CD at CD Baby! Listen to full length songs for free! Everything, including the photos should have active links to take you directly to the source! Vic


Vic Sadot “Truth Troubadour” CD Celebration in Berkeley Set 1 (39:28) Redwood Gardens Community Room Event 6-10-17. Published June 14, 2017 at “Vic Sadot” YouTube Channel.
Vic Sadot Truth Troubadour CD Concert First Set Text screenshot

Vic Sadot “Truth Troubadour” CD Celebration in Berkeley Set 2
(31:45) Redwood Gardens Community Room Event 6-10-17. Published June 14, 2017 at Vic Sadot YouTube Channel. The Set #2 Songs were mostly French language songs with some English translation lyrics by Vic Sadot sung as French-English bi-lingual songs.
Vic Sadot Truth Troubadour CD Concert Second Set screenshot


Songs in Set 1:

(1) Changes was written by the late-great American folk singer, Phil Ochs. Poetic and philosophical, it’s a great song for reflection.

(2) The Fog Watch was a poem by George Reuter. My poet father considered it a visionary masterpiece. Later I took on the task of setting it to music. I first played it with the Crazy Planet Band at a Newark Community Day show. Drummer Rob BoxTurtleBob added a cowbell on to his perfect oxen-driven wagon pace. I still hear that in my head when I play it solo.

(3) Fayette County Snow by Greg DeCowsky. Song #5 of 18 on the “Truth Troubadour” CD.

(4) The Spirit of the Trees by Vic Sadot. This song was inspired by the defense of East Bay forests from logging and pesticides, and performed live for the first time, at Redwood Gardens Community Room in Berkeley, California, August 28, 2016.
(5) Billboard Bandit by Vic Sadot & Greg DeCowsky. This song came out of hearing an actual news story about a resident of Los Vegas who got fed up with the ever-expanding visual pollution by billboards.
(6) When I’m Gone by Phil Ochs. Like Changes, this Phil Ochs song is beautiful as poetry and philosophy.
(7) Ship of Fools by Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter. This is a “Post 9/11 Trump Era update” of one of the greatest Grateful Dead songs. As “folk process”, this rendition makes Trump the reference point of the first line in the song: “They selected a new captain, the strangest they could find!”
(8) Full Spectrum Dominance by Vic Sadot. Since the end of the so-called “Cold War” the goal of the US military has been global hegemony or total control of land, sea, air, media, and cyberspace. The 9/11 & Anthrax Attacks of 2001 only put that effort into overdrive in combination with destabilization of the Middle East neighbors to enable Israeli expansion and hegemony there. In effect, the policy of “Full Spectrum Dominance makes us all the enemy” as evidenced by NSA spying on every person whether suspected of a crime or not, the “legal” violation of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States stating “the right of the people to be secure in their property and houses”.

Truth Troubadour CD Concert Second Set Title Page
Set #2 Songs were mostly French language songs with some English translations by Vic Sadot himself.
Here are the songs with descriptions:

(1) A Secret Love by Wayne Toups, a famous Cajun/Zydeco band leader;

(2) Parlez-Moi D’Amour by Jean Lenoir from 1930, which was featured in some famous films and has been recorded by thousands of artists over the years. Parlez-Moi D’Amour was played on piano in the Humphrey Bogart-Lauren Bacall classic “Casablanca”. In “Casablanca”, the song was part of a medley of Parlez-moi d’amour and Tango della Rosa by Max Steiner. In “Midnight in Paris”, the song “Parlez-Moi d’Amour” was performed on accordion by Dana Boule as the recurring theme song of the movie and is available as part of the Original Sound Track.;

(3) La Mer by Charles Trenet was written in 1945 and recorded in 1946. Jack Lawrence created an English version in 1946 that is completely unrelated to the French lyrics. The original French version by Charles Trenet is a poetic tribute to the changing moods of the sea. The Jack Lawrence English version is about a lover who is far away “Beyond the Sea”. The English version has been recorded by many artists, including Billy Holiday, Benny Goodman, Mantovani, Roger Williams, Gisele MacKenzie, and George Benson. The Bobby Darin version of “Beyond the Sea” released in 1959 is so far the most popular. It reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1966 there were already over 100 different recordings of La Mer, and it was considered to be France’s best selling song together with Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en rose”. By the time of Trenet’s death in 2001 there were more than 4000 different recordings of the song with over 70 million copies sold in total;

(4) Le Temps de Vivre (The Time To Live) was written by Georges Moustaki “Le Temps de Vivre” was written by Georges Moustaki (born Giuseppe Mustacchi May 3, 1934 – May 23, 2013). It was released on the wildly popular LP titled “Le Métèque” in 1969;

(5) Rue Bourbon/Bourbon Street celebrates the unique cuisine, music, dance, and French heritage of the famous party street of New Orleans. It was written by Vic Sadot in French and English in 1993 and was released in 1997 on a CD titled “Comin’ Home” with Vic Sadot’s Planète Folle (Crazy Planet) Cajun/Zydeco band. The band was founded in 1992 after Vic’s travels in southwestern Louisiana. The band was based in Delaware and performed in the Mid Atlantic States until Vic moved to California in 2008;

(6) I’m Comin’ Home was written by the late-great founder of Zydeco music, Clifton Chenier. He wrote the song for his mother in English while he was on the road touring. She died before he ever got home to sing it for her. Vic added French verses to the song and made it the title cut of his 1997 LP;

(7) Rêve de Soulard (The Dream of the Drunk) was written by Cleveland Crochet, a very famous Cajun singer who liked to mix Cajun French with the emerging rockabilly of the 1950’s. “Sugar Bee” was their biggest hit song;

(8) I Ain’t Got No Home by Woody Guthrie was the closer song for the evening. Thanks to all who helped on the event team to make the event so enjoyable!



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