Free “Ballad of Pat Tillman” SoundCloud mp3 for Pat Tillman’s 41st Birthday

The Ballad of Pat Tillman (5:16) by Broadside Balladeer Vic Sadot at SoundCloud. This is a free 128 kbps mp3 being posted in honor of Pat Tillman’s Nov 6 birthday. He would have been 41 this year. (RIP 11-06-1976 – 4-22-2004) Please share it!

The Ballad of Pat Tillman was released on 9/11/11 on a CD titled “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs” by Vic Sadot at CD Baby. The Lyrics & Chords are posted at SoundCloud and here below if you want to learn to sing and play the song. Note: See the link to the AP story that inspired the song, which was published in Editor & Publisher Magazine titled “Was Pat Tillman Murdered? – AP Gets Coroner Documents”, which is also linked at the bottom of this Truth Troubadour Blog. 

Ballad of Pat Tillman (5:16) 9/11 Truth & Justice Songs” CD by Vic Sadot released 9/11/11. Shortly after the attacks of 9/11 the famous Arizona football hero from San Jose, California, enlisted with his brother Kevin in the US Army Rangers. He served in Iraq & Afghanistan before being killed. The Pentagon made up a phony story about Tillman’s death to continue to use him as a recruitment poster boy. The circumstances of his death became extremely controversial as the Tillman family pressed on for the truth. The story changed from a combat “glory story” to a death by “friendly fire” story. Even later, the Army coroner’s report was released to the Associated Press. That report said that Pat Tillman died by “3 bullets to the forehead at 10 yards range”. The last story was either greeted with ridicule or completely ignored by the corporate press.

Ballad of Pat Tillman

(Lyrics & Chords to play along, or to learn to sing the song)


Pat Tillman was a kind and a caring little boy

He brought his mom and pop a lot o’ laughter, pride, and joy

They tried to teach their son how to tell the right from wrong

How not to be a bully just because you’re big and strong


Young Tillman was a legendary famous football star

He was handsome. He was humble, and admired from afar

He made a lot o’ big plays for his Arizona team…

And he made a lot of money in the American dream!


But after Nine-Eleven, he had to throw it all away

To fight those “evil doers” who could kill in such a way

When the Towers and the Pentagon were scenes of blood and death

Pat Tillman swore to avenge them or to breathe his dyin’ breath

Chorus: DDCC / EmEmB7B7 / CCGG / DDEmEm

So remember Patrick Tillman when those flags are all displayed

How the Empire stole “Old Glory” for a fear and hate parade!

Yes, remember Patrick Tillman! The many like him lies have made!

And Hell has no fury like a patriot betrayed!

Bridge: CCGG/ DDB7B7/ CCGG/ DDEmEm

He believed the “official story” Bush told of the attack

To take the “war on terror” to Afghanistan and Iraq

He started asking questions from those far-off battlefields

He was reading Noam Chomsky… to his mother he revealed


On that fateful day when those bullets cut him down

Well, he was hailed a hero in every little town

The Pentagon exploited him as a recruitment poster boy

Made up a phony story for the media to deploy


His parents at the funeral were torn with grief and strife

They were used just like young Patrick who’d just lost his only life

The tragic truth was not revealed! It was “friendly murder”, not the foe!

They were lied to like the “hero” of the propaganda show


Bridge: CCGG/ DDB7B7/ CCGG/ DDEmEm

They were roundly castigated when they dared to tell aloud

How their son investigated…How that also made them proud

How he planned to work for peace, if he’d ever make it back

Pious pundits called them “traitors” in a wolf pack attack


Pat Tillman was a legendary famous football star

He was handsome. He was humble, and admired from afar

He made a lot of forays for his Army Ranger team…

But Patrick died for Bush’s lies…For a nightmare, not a dream!


Alive he might be helping take the treason team apart

He was bravely asking questions, yes, and he was very smart

If Nine-Eleven Truth reveals a home-made psy-war raid…

Then this phony “war on terror” ‘s just a cover-up charade! (chorus)

(Ending: Repeat last chorus line and end on Em flourish or fade.)

Copyright 2007 Victor Rene Sadot BMI Orbian Love Music

Was Pat Tilman Murdered? – AP Gets Coroner Documents 7-26-07 Editor & Publisher


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