Celebrating Phil Ochs Shared May 1973 interview from WGTB audio made into video in 2015!

Phil-Ochs_Anti-War_Singer-Songwriter_1973-DC-Interview_Vimeo-thumbnail-screenshotvia Phil Ochs May 1973 Interview by Vic Sadot & Rich Lang
In May 1973 I had the opportunity to interview Phil Ochs as a community volunteer at a DC university student radio station that had a lot of Anti-Vietnam War music programming. In 2015 I made the 1973 reel-to-reel audio into a 30 minute video and posted it to Vimeo and YouTube as a Creative Commons Copyright with accreditation for non-profit use. I hope it gets used on local Public Access Cable TV. Can you help to make that happen? This blog, CelebratingPhilOchs dot com, is a very participatory kind of blog. It has a Facebook interface at which there is a lively running dialogue of stories and memorabilia to share about the great and beloved American folk singer. A second CD of Phil Ochs covers and tribute songs is being organized by musicians who love Phil Ochs. Very grateful to editor/blogger Shannon and the “Celebrating Phil Ochs” group  participants for celebrating Phil with such steady devotion!


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