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Vic Sadot joins new Progressive Majority Creative Network

Source: Vic Sadot joins new “Progressive Majority Creative Network”

Québec – California Solidarity Shines in Richmond

Québec – California Solidarity Shines in Richmond.

Québec – California Solidarity Shines in Richmond – BEREKELY CALLING BLOG by Broadside Balladeer Vic Sadot: Stopping Fossil Fuel Disaster! – Starting Fossil Free Solutions! From Lac-Mégantic, Québec to Richmond, California! SATURDAY, March 1, 12 noon at Bobby Bowens Progressive Center, 1021 Macdonald Ave, Richmond CA. Marilaine Savard of “Citizens of Lac-Mégantic” in Québec had a week long speaking and solidarity tour in the San Francisco Bay Area. Report from the Richmond gathering where panel and speakers included Mayor Gail McGlaughlin, Andres Soto, Pennie Opal Plant, Antonia Juhasz, George Monterey, David Solnit, and others.